NYC for an engineering lecture


Took the train. $35 round trip including parking. Much better than driving.

I attended an engineering lecture for work yesterday. Since it was my one and only stop in the city, I took the train, which was a very financially prudent thing to do, plus avoid any unpleasant traffic getting to the city AND in Midtown.


Penn Station / MSG

After getting off the train and realizing I didn’t have the greatest cell charge, I stopped in a kiosk just outside Madison Square Garden and checked out the portable battery packs. The poor guy didn’t even see me coming. He looked up to see all 6’4″ of me and jumped. “Holy shit bro I didn’t even see or hear you! Shit how could I miss you, you’re huge!” We laughed for a bit, talking about ninjas and how I like to sneak up and scare my kids. $30 later I had a decent charger that boosted my charge by 60% so I was good to go. The lecture was being held at STOUT, which has a private room downstairs and ZERO cell reception, haha. So I drank some Brooklyn Lager, had a medium rare strip steak, mash, broccoli and cauliflower with a side of lentil. Everything was delicious. Got to hang with some industry colleagues, make some new work connections, listen to an interesting lecture, and call it a night.


STOUT NYC Midtown. Great place for a lecture. Sure beats some big empty room in a hotel.

STOUT had a good beer selection but I wasn’t in an experimental mood so I stuck to the lager. After the night was done at 9 PM, I walked back towards Penn Station. First a fight broke out at the Blarney Rock next door; STOUT’s one bouncer walked right over and split the two drunks up and defused the fight, sending one guy on his drunken way. After the sidewalk cleared, I was on my way. The train I planned on taking actually arrived later at my station than if I took the express one that left 30 minutes later, arriving at my destination a full 25 minutes before the earlier train. Funny how those things work. So I waited for the express train. I took to people watching outside, had a few guys ask me for a lighter (I’m a former smoker, so I don’t carry one anymore). Near the cab line about 60 yards away, a very inebriated woman took a full faceplant onto the pavement. Thankfully, 4 or 5 people ran over to help her out and safely get her into a cab. Shame it happened but good to see complete strangers immediately help her out. I had already taken a few steps but adding a 5th or 6th person to the mix wasn’t going to help in any way.


Goodnight, NYC, it's been a fun 5 hours!

After an uneventful train ride, I hopped into Bessie and drove back home. As always, I love the city (my hometown) but it’s nice to get back to my house in the woods. Stay caffeinated.


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