A Concealed Carry open letter

I wrote this almost a year ago, and wasn’t sure how or when to send this. After recent events, including the guy who was tackled for legally carrying his firearm in Florida, I feel I need to put this out there.

Please understand. I mean you no harm. Please understand I carry my firearm for self defense. I do not carry it to boast. I do not carry it to stroke my ego. I carry to defend my spouse and my children. I do not carry to shove the 2nd amendment down your throat. I do not carry to be the crazy guy everyone is afraid of. I carry because someone tried to hurt me, rob me, possibly kill me…twice.
Please understand. You will see me shopping, you will see me taking my kids to/from school, and you will see me working at my job. you will see me tending my yard, fixing my car, and coaching sports. You will see me opening the door for those my senior, you will see me thank the cashier, and most of all, you will see me hold my children tight and laugh and play with them. You wont see me pick a fight, you won’t see me decide who is wrong and right, and you won’t see me stalk the neighborhood.
Please understand. I do not leave ammo and guns laying around my home. I teach my family to fear and respect the weapons that we own. I teach my kids that policemen are doing their job, and sometimes its very far to come to our aid. I let them know that daddy will do his best to always be there and not be afraid of what they hear in the news or in school.
Please understand. After carrying for 8 years, drawing my firearm twice, and never firing a single shot at a human being, I will not stop now. i’ve lived this long, and have many years to go. The good Sheriff has signed my card every 5 years, and i have never given him a reason otherwise. Please understand. I don’t think everyone should have a firearm, but i don’t think taking them away will solve anything either. If mine or my family’s lives are in danger, I will draw my weapon. If i absolutely have to, I will pull the trigger. I pray the day never comes.
I do not think that Hollywood can teach you anything regarding guns, and I wish more people would understand. If someone does argue with me on the subject of firearms, I will not shoot, shout, or scream. I will explain the facts that I know, and will answer any question they have. I hope they are satisfied. I have been trained, I have practiced, and I continue to re-educate myself with the latest in firearm safety.
Please understand that I am a responsible gun owner. I am not a monster. I am not a fear monger. I am your neighbor, your volunteer, your fellow parent, and just another man. i
I am educated, I have traveled far and wide, and I know there is so much more to see. Turn off the TV, get off the partisan politic discussions, and just go outside and talk face to face. you will be surprised what you can learn.

With respect,

A responsible LCF card holder, always armed but never threatening.


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