Road Warrior Pt 2

I had experiences in one of the most urban areas in the United States and just two hours outside of that very place I was living in one of the more rural areas in the United States. Not nearly as remote as places like Minnesota or the Dakotas, but world enough compared to New York City. As I got older I started to realize unfortunately how narrow minded people can be no matter where you go. Granted there are a lot of people here in the United States that have very open mind and have similar experiences to me and I’ll be sleep some of you. But I encounter the same narrow mindedness and Pennsylvania. When I would tell people that I’m originally from New York, and they had lived up in Pennsylvania all their lives, their attitude regarding me changed very quickly. They immediately soon assumed that I was loud obnoxious rude impatient person who would go in the car at 90 miles an hour before the stop light turns red. They thought I didn’t know how to use the turn signal or how to fix things on my own. Fortunately for me, my father was very very handy as well as all of my uncles and my grandfathers. So generation to generation a lot of trade skills were passed down. I’m really fortunate to have the best of both worlds. As an adult learning the ways of working on the road all the time, and working in construction from a different couple of a couple of different perspectives, really gave me a bird’s eye view on the world. I find myself looking at the bigger picture all the time. When I have conversations with others out there, I find that their views are so narrow and it’s such a small stove. This goes back to my earlier post about meeting the blogger. Here is another person out there that had similar experiences even though she didn’t do the travel I did she definitely had a much wider view on the world do to her networking and the use of social media. Things like social media can be a curse and a blessing, it all depends on how you use it. Understand, I’m not trying to put myself above anybody else out there. In fact I often find myself trying to keep my mouth shut on occasion, when a conversation strikes up regarding anything there’s a good chance it’s something I probably experienced multiple times, and I almost feel bad involving myself in the conversation. This does not make me an expert in any of these things. But my old man taught me to be the best I could and what I do, and also to make sure I am rich myself and be a jack of all trades. One of the things I try and impress upon my kids especially stinky,, is never stop learning. There is so much in this world just waiting to be learned and understood. 30 states in 10 countries later this is where I find myself. So maybe now you’re asking me for what are all these experiences that I mention,? For starters as soon as I graduated high school I took a huge interest in automotive in car audio. In the beginning, like anyone who wanted a new radio in their car, I would go to the local radio shop and have it installed. Then my brain started working. I wondered how hard could it be? The first radio I ever tried to install by myself, I pride. $50 later, the radio was repaired. I learned my lesson real quick. So I started researching how it actually went together. I made with one of the local car stereo shops in town. One of the guys was super friendly and took me under his wing. So I began to learn on my own. After a while, it wasn’t so hard. Within a short amount of time, all my friends were coming to me instead of asking if I could install a new radio or a set of speakers for them. Oddly enough, it didn’t take away from the business of the local shop. I would end up buying equipment from that shop, and then doing the install myself. So the local owner still gotta cut and he was more than happy. For advanced installs they would still go to the same shop. I would just recommend and prefer. To this day I still keep up with car stereo installed and do research on it. So every once in a while somebody will call me, and I’ll make everything right for them. I also spent two years working at two different Walmarts. I worked in the hardware and paint department, I was a front end manager, & I work in the sporting goods department. So I ended up picking up knowledge of each and every facet of each of those two stores. Afterwards I had a job offer at it large telecommunications firm. So now my knowledge of IT and telecom crew trashed Italy based on my new job. When I started working there, I immediately saw career offered opportunity. I figured at this stage in my life tech I’m 20 years old and I’m learning from one of the premier telecommunications companies in the country if not the world. I saw a tremendous growth opportunity. Soon I was the go to guy to set up video conferencing audio conferencing cell phone accounts and office phones and faxes. After that company went bankrupt and laid off 13000 people I knew my chances of career was at an end. Through a good friend of mine who sister I was dating at the time I ended up working at a motorcycle dealership in New Jersey. This was meant to be temporary but I ended up staying for about two and a half years. In that time I found myself learning everything there was to know about Honda and Yamaha motorcycles ATV’s and dirt bikes. I realized however that I couldn’t see myself making a career out of this. After some searching, I actually ended up getting hired right off of the sales floor. A woman had bought her first two motorcycles off of me in the span of less than 8 months. When she came to pick up her second motorcycle, her husband came in with her. All because I simply remembered her by first and last name and help her out right away and got her exactly what she wanted, her husband ended up ordering me in my sales managers office which was empty at the time and asked me point blank how much money I made. He then invited me to his office for a cup of coffee. Three weeks later I had a job in the deep foundation drilling industry at 23 years old. I admit I was really scared at first because I had no knowledge whatsoever of the job I was about to jump into. Yet I took the opportunity and took the chance and now nearly 11 years later I’ve made a career out of working in the very industry.


Not your typical day at the office.

Above anything my experiences in the drilling industry as open my eyes tremendously. For me personally, it’s been very satisfying to learn every facet of whatever job I’ve ended up with, even the part time once I’ve had over the years. When I was a kid I worked at our local family ski shop. Since it was our family business I ended up learning every part of the ski industry in our area.


Mounting a new set of skis for a customer.

When I got a little older before I went away to college I started playing and refereeing paintball at our local field. Being involved in skiing in paintball would follow me for the rest of my life. So in a nutshell, I’m a sales estimator for construction who knows how to ski, play paintball, help you pick a motorcycle or ATV, fix your car stereo, work on cars and houses and can travel most places in the world and not bat an eyelash.


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