Road Warrior Pt 1


So here I am driving on 81 north bound. Almost 5 years ago, while I was working at another company, I was on the road almost 3 weeks a month weather it was Baltimore, Boston, Pittsburgh, New York City, or somewhere in the Northeast United States and a lot of times beyond. It’s a difficult life to have when you have a family at home especially when the kids are so young. If anything it’s the perfect job for a single person. When I first started the job it was just me; I had no bills and nearly complete freedom. When I met The Wife and we started raising our family it became more and more difficult to be away from them so much. Granted, my job was not as difficult as what military families go through when one spouse is over in the sandbox or some foreign country, leaving the family back home to deal with everything else. But it didn’t make it any easier for me or the family. One of the benefits of traveling so much as you get to see so much in the United States and other countries as well. You really get to learn different things about different cultures how people behave different parts of the country. But after a while, hotels start looking the same the bed start looking the same, the same crap is on TV every night and you start seeing the same people at all the restaurants and all the pubs. With my current job, my travel schedule is much more relaxed compared to the old place. In this particular case, I only had to go about 3 hours away from home and the benefit was my brother in law actually lives not far from the job site I was at. So after I was done working for the day taking care of a few things, I was able to meet up with him and his girlfriend and we went out to dinner and had a few beers. Sometimes it helps when you’re traveling to run into old friends or family and it gives you a touch of home while you’re out there. I actually get an estimate one time trying to figure out how much time I actually spend in my car. When I was ttraveling extensively for my company on average I spent a total of 45 days a year in my car. I took my annual mileage, divided it over an average speed of 40mph, and then extracted the hours into days. When people would ask me why I had a touch screen DVD player a great sound system, and all sorts of creature comforts in the car, this was my answer. One of the other benefits to traveling so much, is you really learn how to negotiate with hotels Airlines rental car companies and other travel necessities. So when it comes time to travel for vacation with the family, it makes life so much easier. Compared to other people who end up spending a lot of money to get a hotel or a rental car we end up saving a lot of money based on my travel experience and it leaves us available to do other things with the kids so they have a great time while we’re on vacation. Plus you’ll earn a lot of shortcuts on the area highways towns and find ways around if there’s an accident or something blocking your way. Another thing I’ve learned, is no matter where you visit, there’s good areas and bad areas of every town. On this particular trip where the job site was located, my brother in law told me that it was in the not so nice section of town and just to keep my eyes open. Meanwhile 5 minutes away literally across the tracks it was a whole different area. Much nicer more suburban, more laid back and everybody’s attitudes were completely different. Before you jump in judge me based on my impressions of different places understand that I’ve lived in New York City and also in Pearl areas Pennsylvania so I had to taste of both worlds. I lived in town I live in the country and I lived in the city. So I’ve had different experiences in different types of living environments. When I grew up in New York City I lived there in the 80s; what I fondly referred to as the bad old days. Back when crime was at an all time high, and things were really tough. The neighborhood I lived in wasn’t so bad, but there were times where I had to step over things like crack vials, used needles, and empty beer cans on my 3 block short walk to school. I was desensitized to murder and violent crime as it was on the news every day. Fortunately, I have really really good parents that always looked out for me taught me right from wrong and help keep my nose clean. When they divorced when I was about 10 my mother and I moved up to Pennsylvania we left the 4 family apartment that we lived in on Staten Island, and we moved to a log cabin in the woods. So as a pre-teen, it was a culture shock for me. Even though I would spend my weekends a lot of times in the summer up in Pennsylvania and I had summer friends now I had to learn to live there. I quickly discovered a lot of kids really didn’t care about things like the New York Yankees for the Subway Series and a lot of them had never been to a playground that was totally fenced in with ashphalt on the ground instead of wood chips. They were used to riding their bikes out into the woods, watching NASCAR, and going to this thing called the West End fair. Yes, I am generalizing. Stay with me. Nobody else here has called a sandwich a hero instead they called it a hoagie. The ironic thing is about 5 years later I had to attend a funeral for my mom’s cousin. While I’m sitting with his daughters for a little bit younger than me and a group of their friends when they ask me where I was from and I told them Pennsylvania they started laughing and said Oh what are you wake up with a rooster in the morning gotta go milk the cow? It was then that I realized my life it started to change in ways I never imagined possible.


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