So I met a blogger I didn’t know IRL


Obligatory computer and coffee photo

I’m sure some of you have used one of the ubiquitous “rummage sale” sites on Facebook. As a papa of three, you bet your ass I do. Funny thing is, I have pretty decent luck selling on said pages locally here. I’d say I’ve got a 75% success rate, even. So The Wife found a screaming deal on a toy that a friend of ours was desperately searching for to give to her eager daughter. Turns out its from a blogger that The Wife follows for in-store deals all the time. Somehow I get roped into doing the meet. So I head down, and meet up with her. Now, most meets for rummage sales are a 10 minute at most transaction. “Here’s your widget. Here’s your money, $15 right? Yep! Great, Nancy is gonna love this! Thanks so much! Take care!” Well we start talking a bit and suddenly an hour has passed. She could really talk! And it was cool. We had very similar views on how businesses in our area do not take advantage of blogging and social media. What amazed me was how in-tune she really was to the Marketing industry as a whole. Most people in our area unfortunately have blinders on and only focused on immediate, short term needs. They often look at you in wonder and amazement if you have a grip on things like socioeconomic trends, world news, and common sense solutions to every day problems. Yet here’s this blogger on a rummage meet with me and she’s got it together. No wonder her and The Wife chat it up all the time. I think it’s great!

The depressing thing about our area is it’s almost as if people have no interest in the impact things have on their lives until it happens, and then all they do is complain. After they complain, they crawl back in their Hobbit Hole and avoid any excitement or involvement in life beyond The Shire. The trickle-down effect has began to affect their children. I see it, and I worry. Their kids are not getting enriched at home. Instead, they are spoon fed entertainment news as if it’s actually important to their lives. They can tell you Kim Kardashian went commando the other day and the paparazzi caught it, but they can’t tell you where Syria is on a map, or that though gas prices are low, the US oil industry has taken a $35 billion hit, or even that we very well may be paying tax on our internet service soon and the FCC might now have their paws into how we view the internet soon due to ‘net neutrality’. The current school system is partly to blame, but all education starts at home. I would like to think The Wife and I continue to enrich and expose our children to things larger than the latest cat video on YouTube. My son was so excited to have me do Career Day recently at his school, you would think it was his Birthday. I gotta say, it was humbling that he was so proud to have me come in. The teachers were thrilled that these kids could talk to someone who worked their way into a 11 year career and speak to someone who has learned so much and continues to learn more about Civil Engineering.


Small group of the kids that attended career day, holding onto some anchor parts and construction gear.

All is not lost, and I hope these bright young minds eschew the blinders that many wear and look for something greater. This all started for me when I took a chance with a job offer over 11 years ago with a company I knew nothing about but promised to teach me everything. And I, above everything, have a son who takes pride in his dad and what he does.


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