Yeah, another huge gap in between posts. I’ll get better.

Quick recap:

I stopped coaching baseball after this summer. The stark realization hit me: I was focusing on something really good, in helping other kids learn and enjoy a team sport, but it began to take away from my own children as there was always work to do for the organization outside of just coaching. It was also very difficult given I work full time and my hours can vary greatly, yet many of the parents who do not work (for whatever reason) seem to just not have the time to help. It’s pretty endemic across the board. I’ll do a follow up post to that.


Opening day parade with my lil guys

Speaking of work, late this year another company in my industry actively recruited and attempted to hire me. They offered a very nice package that anyone would be a fool to turn down. I sat down with The Wife and discussed it and we agreed that I would talk to my current employers and see if there was anything they could do. They countered way better than expected and suddenly I found myself in something like a bidding war. In the end, I chose to keep my current job. The time they do afford me with my family is too precious to pass up and the deal I got was top notch. Guess what, kids? Hard work and dedication does pay off.


Jobsite in NYC

Been working on the house, laying new flooring. The carpet was shot and neded to go. With the floating laminate wood flooring, it’s almost like a new house. Come springtime, I’m tackling the yard. Lots of fun stuff to do out there.


Living room looks pretty good (and clean, haha)

I’ve lost two friends recently; one to a heart attack at the age of 43 (not very much older than I) and another from an overdose on Fentanyl (he was in his 30s and a recovered addict). Both were devastating (not that any death is easy). It just reminds me of how precious our time is here. Part of the reason I kept my current job. I can stay close to my family and occasionally travel when needed. As much $$$ as was offered to me, at this stage I can’t go back to being on the road 2-3 weeks a month. It was hard for 7 years. Easy when I was single, but with my wife and minions, definitely not easy. Hold those you love a little more…you do not know what tomorrow is going to bring. See you guys in a few hours. The coffee pot will be ready.


Squishy melts my heart.


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