my second favorite coffee cup on a rainy Sunday

my second favorite cup that I got at an industry event years ago

So the weather is crap today. My son never held up his end of the contract yesterday, so the prize is gone and he now has to clean his room top to bottom without any reward. So the weather kind of works out in my favor. Anytime there’s nice weather, The Wife and I push the kids outside to play, ride their bikes, play with their friends next door, etc. Not today it seems. 

The weather in the northeast was especially brutal this year. Our kids don’t mind the cold and they love the snow. But sub zero temperatures and crazy negative wind chills are NOT good for them to play in. I’m sure you all can sympathize with cabin fever. On top of that, school was cancelled so many days because of the brutal cold or the bad storms we got nailed with. 6″ of snow is not a blizzard nor a bad storm, that’s a nice snowfall. 12+” with ice in the mix, not the fun stuff you would want to play in. So they were stuck home, can’t go outside, and the inside of the house routinely ended up looking like the movie Twister. A winter like this really tests your parental patience. We made the best of it, though. Bring on the spring!


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