Not my morning cup and a messy 10 year old


So quick recap, I shaved with the razor again and it worked just fine. So I got 4 solid shaves out of the DSC first cartridge. Woot! Next, a little about the munchkins. I cut a deal with Stinky, my 10 yr old son. Like any, he hates cleaning his room. So, in the spirit of him taking everything so LITERAL, I wrote a contract. He was to spend his Saturday fixing the disaster that is his room in exchange for a reward since punishing him didnt work. He’s got that defiant streak down to a science, and my patience is thin, working 12 hour days currently. I figured, what the heck, give him some positive motivation. We drew up a very uncomplicated contract that we both signed. If his room was cleaned today (Saturday) he would earn this particular reward. $10. And he could spend it on anything (not the usual ‘save your money’ we instill on our kids). It was money for him to burn and he was genuinely excited. Yet…here we are, dinner time, and he hasn’t started. He wasted the day. But you know what? I didn’t fail as a parent. He will learn. Now he doesn’t have the reward he was seeking. Come tomorrow, it’s back to regulation. Cleaning his room is his responsibility. I gave him a shot to prove he is willing to work towards something he wanted, even though it was part of his regular chores. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t slave my kids. He helps set the table every night, feed the fish, bring his dirty laundry downstairs so The Wife and I can wash it, he puts his clean clothes away, and does his homework. Cleaning his room is regular upkeep. I was testing him to see if he really wanted this. It started because he wants a friend over to play. I’m sorry, but I was raised that if your room (or house for that matter) was a mess, you didn’t have company over. It’s embarrassing. I want to instill these values in him to help him stay organized and not live a life of chaos. So he failed the test. That’s alright. When tomorrow comes, it will be back to normal and he will face the consequences. And he knows it. I havent been on his six about doing it today but I casually reminded him of the contract. He keeps procrastinating and deflecting. Well, all part of it. Another page in a chapter of parenthood! We will see what tomorrow brings.
Makes me laugh, too, because squishy, my 17 month old, is on a pick up everything off the floor and give to daddy kick. She’s doing her part to clean up. It’s adorable. And kinda cool. For once it’s the young teaching the not so young how it’s done, haha.


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