Razor test parts 2&3


So I had two more shaves with razor #1 from Dollar Shave Club. Shave 2 went on without a hitch and no nicks. Worked flawlessly. Shave 3 took more effort. I definitely noticed the difference in sharpness and smoothness of the shaving process. Next shave I might start using blade #2. I’m going to try to have the blades last the entire month as advertised. I still got a nice smooth shave on go #3 but it took considerably longer with multiple passes. I think what I’ll do is start with the same blade and if it gets unbearable I’ll switch on to the next fresh blade. Again this is a torture test as I have very thick coarse facial hair that grows pretty quick. So if it survives my face, the average dad or guy will probably benefit from only paying $6 a month for razors versus triple that. Oh, and I apologize for not putting a disclaimer. I am NOT paid by ANYONE to do this. I wanted to give it a shot on my own and just review it personally for a month or more. Hopefully enlighten a few of you out there. God knows us dads need to work smart, not hard, and have as few worries as possible. The convienence of getting a pack of razors in the mail is awesome though. One less thing to forget, haha.


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