Testing blades against sandpaper

I’m giving Dollar Shave Club a shot. A lot of you are probably wondering how it turns out. Well if it passes my face’s torture test, it’s pretty good stuff. My facial hair is insanely stiff and coarse. The pic of my face is 36 hours of growth. The goatee is 48 hours old.


I’m not kidding. I picked their $6 a month plan to see how it goes. They give you 4 blades a month, figuring a blade should last you a week.


I’ve dulled razors in as little as 3 shaves in the past. Here’s my parameters:

I shave in the shower.
I learned that shampoo actually works better on my face than shaving cream or gel.
Most of the time I can’t shave every day due to irritation on my neck and the coarseness of my facial hair after a day.
Wish me luck!


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