Why does it matter so much?

So there’s this line of thought I’ve been struggling with for some time. I’ve seen a lot of protests against marriage equality. People screaming that it’s against the Bible. That if the couple is not Man and Woman, that they’re going to burn in Hell and our society is going down the tubes. That horrible things are going to happen. I keep focusing on other factors. Is it really that important to you that you feel the need to spew hatred towards someone you don’t know at all, all the while professing yourself to be a “good Christian or Muslim or whatever”? Seriously? Plus these people routinely seem to ignore the whole seperation of church and state thing. They want their religious freedom, yet want to impose their will on those who do not have the same faith! Look folks, no one is going to put a proverbial gun to your church’s head and force you to marry someone that isn’t a part of your faith organization. There are plenty of places that a same gender couple can get married when there is no discriminatory law in place barring them from such. They aren’t going to “turn your children gay”. That’s as ridiculous as saying if you were to let a dog influence your child’s life, the kid is going to start walking on all fours, humping your neighbors leg, and biting the postman. They are professing their love for one another and making a lifelong commitment to eachother, not invading the psyche of others. Let them deal with all the blessings and pitfalls of marriage the way any of us do. And I’m saddened that it’s still thrown around as “gay marriage”. Please. It should just be marriage. And in defense of churches, if their religion does not allow for same sex marriage, then they should not be forced to practice it. To repeat myself, there are many other options. Those spewing hatred need to get over themselves and start practicing things like “love thy neighbor”. It is not up to you to cast judgement. The big guy upstairs will do that. Leave it to him and focus your energy elsewhere. And from what I’ve seen, ‘traditional’ marriage isn’t exactly working as well as we would all like these days either. Maybe instead of yelling at the LGBT community, you should check your own house and fix the failings at home. Stop hating a way of life just because it’s different and you don’t agree writh it. I seriously doubt you’re earning God’s grace by doing this. And hey, if I am wrong in assuming God loves ALL his children, well that’s a conversation that is between Him and I.


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