Sometimes what you learn returns to something way bigger than yourself

Whoops. I failed. Fell into the usual trap of starting something and not doing anything with it. How typical. Anyway. Things have been busy on the homefront. Quick recap before I settle into my morning cup. (It’s 205am EST so yes it is morning).

We moved to a bigger house. Right up the street too! Mushy and Squishy really needed their own seperate rooms, and the landlord refused to fix our driveway, which had been collapsing since the one two punches of Irene and Sandy. Much better place. And I get to keep my awesome neighborhood.
Speaking if neighborhood, I’ve been sharing my morning cups with, lets call him Frederico. Great guy, almost like a father figure but treats me as a peer. And my friend The Farmer. Same age, our kids go to school, and quite frankly we both need the morning cups together. Story for another time.
I had round 3 of back surgery a few weeks ago. You’d think with my downtime I’d write. I’ll take my spankings now. Healing pretty good. Fingers crossed.

Onto the meat and potatoes.

I dated a young woman about two years before I met my wife. She was exotic. From a place called Crimea. Yeah, suddenly the USA is now familiar with that place. Everyone says hey isn’t that some place in the Ukraine. Well…sort of. See when I was dating her, I got an amazing education about the Autonomous Province of Crimea. See, yes it falls under the jurisdiction of the Ukraine, but almost due to a technicality, really. Khrushchev ‘gifted’ Crimea to the Ukrainian SFSR during the bad old days of the cold war, 1954 to be exact. And when the USSR fell, Crimea by default ended up within Ukrainian borders. Yet it has always functioned on it’s own. Similar (but not the exact same) as Puerto Rico to the US. But Crimea has way more in common with Russia for one, and secondly Crimea should be independent. I learned this from my ex, lets call her Natasha. I love the Black Widow, nerd moment haha. Natasha was very passionate (and still is) about her homeland situation. Crimea is a vacation hotspot on the Black Sea, and the area is gorgeous. Definitely on my to do list. The majority identify themselves more with Russians than Ukrainians, and there is a Tatar population there as well (10-15% ish). Ukrainians are actually a minority there, like the Tatar. So what does this boil down to? Suddenly the media is once agsin accusing Putin of meddling in affairs and he is ‘invading’. He actually is not. Ukraine is in upheaval and he is actually protecting his interests in Crimea. Protecting the people and his military assets there. He has an agreement with Crimea (and the Ukraine for that matter). But, like a spoiled child, Ukraine is crying that their sovereignty is being compromised. They have enough egg on their face right now and want the world to believe that Russia is bullying them. The media and our US government has their heads so far up their rear ends they all think they understand what is going on there. Honestly it reminds me of the velvet revolutions in the Balkans, but without genocide. Go ahead, go read Wikipedia and try to understand all the players in Yugoslavia and Kosovo. Confused yet? Good. You freakin should be. There is so much complexity to Crimea that the layperson will never understand. I don’t pretend to suddenly be an expert because I dated a Crimean woman and remain friends with her. But I don’t have such a narrow view. The UN needs to stay out of this. The US needs to stay out of this. Venezuela is gong through a MUCH worse period of strife. Crimea will work itself out.
So, why did I write all if this? Because I learned two things.
One, just as the USA is a pretty complex place, so are many other states around the world. Don’t take it for granted because a place “appears small on the map”.
Two, never take any education you receive for granted. I can honestly say at the time when I was dating Natasha and learning about her heritage, I never thought I needed that knowledge beyond our relationship. Suddenly, a decade later, I do.


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