Late morning, early start?

Morning. Today started out a lot earlier than usual. The baby woke up around 5 am which isn’t really bad, considering. So i got up and made her a bottle and got her settled back down again. Within minutes, she was content and cooing, falling back asleep. I got into my typical early AM routine (when I need to be on the move before everyone else). Started the coffee pot, grabbed a hot shower, shaved my neck but not my face (while showering), threw on some shorts, button up, and my sneakers. Office days don’t demand steel-toes, the usual PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and work clothes. My 3rd grade son was already stirring upstairs, and my pre-K daughter, again, passed out on the couch. I’m sure you guys and gals can attest to a child who refuses to sleep in his or her own bed, but will absolutely fall asleep ANYWHERE else. Aside from 5 am, this is pretty typical in my household.

Alright, hold up. You guys don’t even really know me. Before I confuse the ever-living crap out of you, I’ll give you a rundown:

I’m a married father of three. You know how old my older two are now, but the baby’s 8 months old. 4 year spread between kids. And it was absolutely NOT planned that way or in ANY way, they all kinda happened, hahaha.

I work in the construction industry (been here almost 10 years). Big commercial and public projects. I push pencils, fix machines, pull on some steel and wire imbedded in concrete with 300 ton jacks, tell people what to do who make a lot more money than I do and can probably engineer my demise, yet I find myself correcting them all the time.

I don’t have a college degree. This is probably one of those rare times my field experience and street smarts, plus some REALLY good industry mentors actually paid off.

I coach kids baseball. Not little league. A local league that is independent (and cheaper to moms and dads). We kinda play by our own rules, namely the kids have fun without getting screamed at or having fanatical parents you read about in the news. It’s pretty cool.

I grew up on Staten Island, NY. I live in Eastern PA. Big surprise there. A lotta us New Yorkers migrated west to get out of the city, but close enough we can go back and actually get good Pizza, bread, cold cuts, pastries, (food in general, notice a theme?)

I didn’t play normal sports as a kid. Probably explains my aches and pains. I was busy beating the crap out of my body on a skateboard, rollerblades, dirtbikes, rock walls, and somehow i was a band geek too.

Alright, I guess that’s enough for now. The rest you can learn. Back to my morning grind today. *sips now cold cup from earlier*

The wife and I got ready together, making sure the kids are set for the day, packed up, and we left together. For the life of me, I couldn’t find my freakin car keys. Figures. We needed to take one car anyway, so that’s a mission for later. Drop the boy off at school, drop the girl off at pre-k up the street, and head into town. We’ve got a 945 with our pastor so he can baptize the baby on Sunday.

WOAH. Wait. I just got all religious. Nope. Not really. Relax. I’m a recovering Catholic (notice I said pastor, not priest). *swigs more coffee* Listen, that’s another post for another day.

So yeah, today wasn’t a “typical” day. Usually I stay in bed till the last minute, savoring every second of sleep, get up, check on the baby, get the kids ready, throw them into my car, my morning cup of coffee in tow, and get my ass down to the schools, drop them off, get to the office, and get cracking. If I have my “typical” ¬†early AM routine, I’m out the door before the sun’s up, and I call the wife to make sure she’s up and moving to get the kids to school.

Ugh, coffee’s getting colder. So I need to do this every day. People have habits. I’m making this mine.

Parting thought: I don’t know how ANY parent, male or female, is NOT active in their childrens’ lives. Just think about that for a second. No, I don’t have a trumpet in my hand, blasting in your face. I just want to know. Seriously. See you guys in the morning. I’ll let you know how the rest of the day turned out.